Gardening Calendar: May Tips

Lilacs, asparagus and rhubarb! They are spring traditions that bring fragrance and nutrition to our home. I have sprouts in the garden and flowers on my deck. Spring makes me happy; I hope that you are enjoying spring, too.



Northern United States

  • Harvest – Asparagus and rhubarb! Yum!
  • Fertilize – Fertilize roses, bulbs as they finish blooming and lawns.
  • Plant – Plant sweetcorn, cucumbers and melon seeds directly into the garden soil. After the frost free date start digging and plant annuals and tender vegetable transplants.
  • Harden Off – Transplants like tomatoes and peppers should be hardened off before placing them in the garden.
  • Divide – Perennials can be divided now. Share them with a friend or neighbor.

Southern United States

  • Harvest – The garden is full of fresh produce. Enjoy!!
  • Planting – Continue planting sun loving vegetables such as beans, corn, squash, eggplant, tomato, and peppers.
  • Water – Remember plants are living and need water to thrive and survive. Plants usually die because of too much or too little amounts of water.
  • Fertilize – Fertilize annuals and perennial flower beds. There are lots of choices, consider using a granular slow release or a liquid.
  • Deadhead – Keep flowers blooming by deadheading regularly.


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