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#MADEPOSSIBLEBYFERTILIZER Digital Contest winners announced!

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Career Assessment

Are you considering career paths for your future? Nutrients for Life Foundation has compiled a simple quiz to navigate career opportunities in the fertilizer and soil industry.

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Fun Lessons to Teach from Your Home

During these uncertain times, Nutrients for Life Foundation wants to help you reach your students with engaging and relevant resources. These resources meet standards.

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Ag Professional Toolboxes

Have you ever been asked to present the basics of fertilizer or your career at a school or community event? If so, we have a new resource for you! We know you have knowledge and a story worth telling, so we created six ag professional toolboxes that include hands-on materials, activities and PowerPoints.


NPK Cycle Challenge Games

Students can test their knowledge on each of the cycles by exploring different scenarios and answering questions along the way.

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Virtual Field Trips

Three Virtual Field Trips, hosted in Illinois, Florida and Texas, bring students to the fields and farms to witness firsthand the growing procedures of crops, technology advancements, the importance of nutrients, the science behind turf management in sports, and more!

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Sustainable Agriculture Feeds our Growing Population

Do you know how farmers and home gardeners apply the 4R's of fertilizer use to protect our soil, water, and air while they produce food to feed the world?

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How is Agriculture Connected to Water Quality?

The H2Know digital case study brings the science of water quality challenges to the classroom. Investigate a water quality issue in Lake Erie and find solutions. Designed for grades 9-12.

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STEM is Critical to Feeding our Planet

Showcase the power of STEM as a tool your students can use to generate innovative solutions for sustainably feeding 9 billion people by 2050.

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Take Your Students on a Journey to 2050

Invite the Nutrients for Life team to be a guest speaker in your class to help your students answer the question, “How will we sustainably feed nearly 10 billion people by the year 2050?”

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#madepossiblebyfertilizer: Digital Contest

We’re excited to announce the winners of the #MADEPOSSIBLEBYFERTILIZER Digital Contest! Thanks to all students who joined in. Your creativity in showcasing fertilizers’ role in UN Goal #2: Zero Hunger was inspiring.

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global fertilizer day

Global Fertilizer Day Student Career Webinar

Nutrients for Life celebrated Global Fertilizer Day with a student career webinar on October 13, 2020.  The schedule included six segments which were guided by a live host. Each segment included an overview of their career followed by a live Q&A session where students could ask questions. Careers included a plant breeder, equipment operator, corporate chef, vice president of public affairs, project manager, and director of market intelligence.

Watch the webinar now. 


Planted in 2004, Our Impact is Still Growing

The Nutrients for Life Foundation was formed in 2004 by leaders in the fertilizer industry with the belief that developing solutions to sustainably feed the world begins with educating the next generation of innovators and decision makers. In 2020, we impacted 2.4 million students with our educational resources. This achievement would not be possible without an ever-expanding network of donors, advocates and volunteers.