Learning Garden 11: Planting Day

In our learning garden, we finally added the most important feature: our students!

After three years of planning, fundraising, and building, students were able to start digging and planting. By the end of the week, all kindergarten through sixth graders will have planted their learning gardens. Our gardeners are growing peas, broccoli, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, radishes, and lettuce. We are all excited to watch the garden and students bloom and grow in Benton’s Backyard.

I overheard a few third graders thoughts on planting day:

“I just like being out in the garden, it smells so good.”

“They are so cute,” said the third grader when handed a cup of lettuce seeds.

“These are lettuce seeds. Lettuce is a vegetable, and I don’t eat vegetables.”

I observed

  • dirty hands
  • smiles
  • cooperation
  • listening
  • application
  • gratification
  • anticipation
  • sweat
  • digging
  • working


I couldn’t help but smile and know that we have given these students and teachers an opportunity to learn and teach through nature. As they grow and nurture their garden, they will see science as it happens and will apply math concepts in a real world setting. They will also learn the importance of soil, crop nutrients, and how to grow their own food.

Most importantly, activity in Benton’s Backyard will help develop the overall character of its gardeners as they learn the value in delayed gratification, hard work, and cooperation.

I can’t get enough of it! I am headed back to the school to help the kindergarteners plant today. I wonder what interesting things I will overhear from the curious little five year olds…

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