July Garden Update

It’s mid-July, how is your garden looking? Healthy, buggy, brown, yellow, weedy: these words describe different areas of my garden all while I am waiting, oh so patiently, for the tomatoes to turn red. While I wait, there are other veggies ready to be harvested!



A recent garden blog reminded me, “Harvest early and often for the most tender, sweetest produce and to keep plants producing well. Pick zucchini, for example, with the yellow flower still attached.”  Great advice! We waited a bit too long on this big guy!


Are your plants healthy, do they need any additional support? If you have yellow leaves, consider fertilizing with a water soluble dose of N-P-K or do some mid-season side dressing.



At the school garden we had an abundant harvest of carrots! These kiddos had  them all for an afternoon snack! If you have extra carrots and can’t eat them all, freeze them. I wash, peel, slice and place the carrot slices in a freezer bag. Each bag is labeled with the date and put into the freezer to enjoy sometime this winter.

Whatever is going on in your garden, I hope you are enjoying it!

Happy Gardening!

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