Garden Calendar: August Tips

It was a root and tuber kind of weekend; we pulled carrots and dug potatoes. The harvest makes me thankful for the hours of sweat I put into keeping the weeds out and the soil fertile. August finds me in the kitchen preserving produce from the garden. It makes for some long days but it is well worth it!


Northern United States


  • Keep deadheading flowers and they will keep producing gorgeous blooms.
  • Remove vegetable plants that have stopped producing. This will help keep insects and disease from the garden.
  • Keep watering. Remember, the best time to water is in the morning which allows the foliage to dry during the day.
  • Harvest early and often. If you aren’t checking every day, be sure to check every other day. It doesn’t take long for a cucumber to turn into the size of a baseball bat.
  • Stop fertilizing roses. This will slow growth and allow them to harden off before the first frost.


Southern United States


  • Control weeds and keep an eye out for insects. It doesn’t take long for either to spread and destroy.
  • Start planning a fall garden! If you haven’t had one in the past consider it for this year. It’s a great way to extend your supply of fresh produced. Some years, I am gung ho for another season of gardening and there are other years where I am over it and ready to hang up the garden gloves.
  • Plant new annuals and give the landscape a fresh look.
  • It’s a great time to empty the compost and start a fresh batch.
  • Enjoy the harvest of your homegrown fruits, vegetables and herbs!

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