Fascinated with Fertilizer

In agriculture, we are trying very hard to get the word out: we feed the world. Our mission is to produce a large and safe food supply in a way that is environmentally sound and beneficial. Another organization telling the agriculture story is Illinois Farm Families. They have opened their farms to Chicago area moms; moms who want to know how their food is grown. They bring along their cameras and notepads and share with their peers what they see, hear and learn on the farm.

Recently, Nutrients for Life Regional Representative and mom of three, Haley Siergiej went on one of the farm tours. Christa Grabske, an Illinois mom and Chicago suburb pre-school teacher, was one of the moms on the tour. She blogged about her experience and said,

Visiting a corn and soybean farm as a Field Mom with Illinois Farm Families has given me a whole new perspective on fertilizer. I used to think that fertilizer meant manure and not much else. Now I know that fertilizer means much more than poop.”

“Not only are nutrients important for the crops, they are also important to us. When the plants are strong, healthy, and full of nutrients, they in turn give nutrients to the livestock such as cattle and hogs. When we eat beef and pork, we also receive those nutrients. Just like the crops, we need NPK in the foods we eat.”

Christa walked away from the farm, stating that farmers are stewards of the land, and they keep up with new technology to help provide food for all of us. Illinois Farm Families are getting the word out; we feed the world.

Read about Christa’s entire experience:


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