Fall Lawn and Garden Checklist


There is a worn path in the grass that leads from the garden to the kitchen. After months of hard work, I am met with the excitement of enough vegetables to preserve; green beans to can, sweet corn to freeze, and cucumbers to pickle… you get the idea! Fall is approaching quickly and I feel the urgency to wrap up this garden season.  Here is my fall lawn and garden check list.


Harvest: Continue to harvest, eat and preserve garden produce. Time to reap all of the hard work you have put into this garden season!

Clean up: Remove all of the plant debris from the garden. Removing it this fall will get you into the garden sooner next spring.

Amend the soil: Add nutrients to the soil by adding the compost created throughout this season. Leave it sit on top of the soil or till it under.

Lawn: Fertilize now for a quick green up in the spring.

Think Spring Color: Plant tulips, daffodils, crocus and hyacinths for a burst of spring color. Add blood meal or a slow release fertilizer at planting.

Plant Trees and Shrubs: The fall temperatures are great for planting new trees and shrubs.


As always, I am happy to be gardening with you.

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Love seeing our girls’ sweet faces working in the garden and reading all your great news.

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