Spring, where are you?

The snow didn’t keep my photographer friend, Jayme Stadsvold, from capturing these photos!

Do you see any signs of spring? Not me! It is foggy, white and wet! Through the morning fog, I can see the majestic trees covered in a soft layer of fresh snow – beauty to my eyes, and, oh wait, I do see a few tulip leaves poking through the snow! They, too, are waiting on spring! 

While I stew over the prolonged winter weather, I recall some of the old saying that go along with gardening and the weather.  Do you remember hearing any of these old sayings and proverbs from your grandparents or parents? I remember a few and searched the internet for a few more.

Photo by Jayme Stadsvold

Red in the morning, sailors take warning. Red at night, sailors delight.

One for the rook, one for the crow, one to rot, and one to grow.
(For planting corn, beans, and peas.)

Halo around the sun or moon, rain or snow soon.

When the stars begin to huddle, the earth will soon become a puddle.

When the sun goes to bed red, ‘twill rain tomorrow, it’s said.

Slugs will come out in droves prior to rainfall.When elm leaves are the size of a penny, plant green beans.

No weather is ill, if the wind be still.

When wasps build their nests in exposed areas, expect a dry season.

When daffodils begin to bloom, it is time to plant peas.

When the blossoms of the apple tree begin to fall, plant your corn seeds.

When peach and plum trees bloom, plant hardy crops.

When you see growth on green ash, grapes and oaks,
it is safe to plant tender vines, annuals and perennials.

If the squirrels and birds are feeding in the winter, expect a bad snow storm.

For every foggy morning in August, it will snow that many days that following winter.

When oak leaves are the size of squirrel’s ears, plant corn.

When dandelions are blooming, plant beets, lettuce, spinach and carrots.

Rain before seven, fine before eleven.

When the swallow’s nest is high, summer is dry.
When the swallow’s nest is low, you can safely reap and sow.

Crabgrass seed germinates when the forsythias are in bloom.

Dandelion blossoms close before there will be a rain.

If the wooly worm has a lot of wool, it will be a bad winter

Rainbow in the morning gives you fair warning.

And the one that gives me hope for the upcoming garden season:

A year of snow, a year of plenty.

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