Let’s Get Digging

Welcome to the new Nutrients for Life blog. This is your online source for family gardening with a dash of soil nutrition. With dirty hands, we will use our daily trials and triumphs to bring real life answers and guidelines for gardening.

My fellow master gardeners will agree; anyone can have a home garden. Simply stated it requires:

1. a few tools,
2. a place for plants to grow, and
3. the desire to assist nature in plant growth.

I look forward to sharing our family gardening experiences with you. For me, gardening is full of real life teachable moments; an opportunity to teach our three girls the beauty and mystery within a tiny little seed, the frustration of rabbits and other pests, the value of good soil (not dirt), and the joys of reaping what we have sown.

Eating is agriculture. Generationally, we have become disconnected from the farm and the knowledge gained from working with nature, soil, wind and water in food production. With this blog, we hope to inspire and equip our readers to garden with success and reconnect with the soil that contains the nutrients for a healthy life.

I have experienced this disconnect from the farm. After college, I continued to live in the city and wasn’t involved in the day to day aspects of agriculture. Gardening helped me reconnect with my roots and allowed me, once again, to dig in the soil. I still believe in the future of agriculture and will use this blog as a means of spotlighting the positive attributes of the industry in regards to gardening and food production.

Blogging is an opportunity for us to create a dialogue on how to garden, how to get our family in the garden, and how to produce healthy nutritious food. I invite you to join me in a conversation, share your family gardening joys and frustrations and help us educate on sustainable food production methods. So what do you say? Let’s get digging!

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I look forward to being better educated on gardening through your blog and finding new ways to get my family excited about growing vegetables!

Dee, I am so excited to see where you will take us! I have to say, after years of experience growing up with a garden, it is overwhelming to me. Knowing where to start, what to plant when, everything. I was also used to huge gardens, I would like to know how to even start small.

Great idea maybe you can help turn my brown thumb green.

Dee, it’s great that you’re getting to re-connect to your agricultural roots both in the garden and through this educational blog. What a great way to connect with old friends–yes, I’m a friend and I’m old!

I connect completely with your ideas. At 71 I still can’t resist digging. You are a natural inspiration.

Dee, One of these days I will have a garden. Hopefully it will make it!!! Your Blog looks great!

Dee, if you need more garden space, I have a whole yard at your disposal:)

Thanks for all of you positive comments and feedback! I look forward to gardening with you!

Hey Dee, we got started on our garden over the last few weeks. We have had lettuce and a few onions in our raised beds for about three weeks now, and planted a bigger potato and onion patch in the field. We also planted sweet corn last weekend and are preparing our spot for the giant pumpkins. We started our tomatoes and peppers indoors a month ago and around the first of June we put in our big pumpkin patch. My kids LOVE to get dirty and dig for worms. It is a great way for kids to grow up and appreciate where their food comes from. Love the blog, and look forward to reading it weekely.

Hello, I am learning slowly how to work with plants. I am excited to read your blog and learn more. This year we invested in a blueberry bush, some rhubarb and tomato plants. I winter sowed some flowers and have transplanted them. We just put in some climbing roses to see if I can actually grow something to wrap around the trellis my husband made about 5 years ago. I have had clematis planted, only to have them die on me, cannot figure out why. I know this is not “gardening” on a big scale, but it is a big step for me! Thanks for the inspiration to give it a try!

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