How to Take a Soil Sample

Get the most out of your garden! Dee McKenna, Nutrients For Life blogger, takes you to her backyard and demonstrates how to take a soil sample.
 You have heard me talk about the importance of taking a soil sample. Today, I am going to take you to my backyard and show you how. We shot this video a half-a-dozen times. Something (airplanes) or someone (dog, children) interrupted us on each one. It got rather comical. Anyway, this is the best of the six we shot. I think I’ll stick to gardening and blogging!

An accurate soil sample is essential for responsible and effective fertilizer application.  The sample results will let you know what type of fertilizer is needed for your garden and lawn.  Many local universities, state commissions, farmers co-ops and possibly your local feed store can provide a helpful analysis.

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