A Blessing and a Burden


I consider my bountiful harvest both a blessing and a burden.  I apologize for less frequent blog posts, but there’s no time to blog, celebrate, or complain…  I’ve got pickling, canning, and freezing to do!  And, fortunately (or unfortunately?), there’s more vegetables waiting for me in the garden…  Luckily, all of this time in the kitchen with my girls serves as great opportunities to review how our season went and all the lessons we learned about soil!

I have often said that soil is the main ingredient to a garden’s success.  This year, I really must have gotten something right!  This fertile soil is keeping me beyond busy right now.  But, I know my family will love it when we get to eat up all the nutritious and delicious food we preserve today.

Are you like me, do you get the feeling you are both blessed and burdened by a hefty harvest?

Lots of lessons for teachers and parents can be found on the Nutrients for Life Foundation Pinterest boards!

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