Virtual Professional Development — July 24-28, 2023


Nutrients for Life will host the fifth annual Professional Development Event, Soil – Life’s Main Ingredient, July 24-28, 2023 virtually.

Each day we will host a live event and have independent study. Participants in the seminar will receive a package with resource and materials need for the workshop.

This course is designed for teachers who wish to further their knowledge and understanding of Fertilizer and why it is Life’s Main Ingredient. Using the Nutrients for Life Foundation curriculum, educators will learn the scientific reasoning behind soil, nutrients and sustainable practices used to grow enough food to feed the growing world population. Educators participating in the professional development will be provided the necessary knowledge, free resources and experience to take back to their classrooms with ready to go hands on inquiry-based lesson plans. Educators wishing to take the course for graduate credit will be able to do so through Lindenwood University.

Class Schedule

We’ll meet Monday-Friday from 10:00 – 11:30 AM CT on zoom. Check out a preview of what’s ahead!


Fertilizer All Around Us – Fertilizer is responsible for 50% of the food we eat, but there is so much more. Learn about fertilizer’s role in our everyday lives.


Soil Basics – Healthy soil is vital for growing healthy food. We will explore the science behind healthy soil.


Fertilizer Fuels – Learn about Fertilizer from the mine to the field and the science between.


Sustainability and Technology – Farmers utilize technology to grow their crops. Learn how the science of soil and the role of fertilizer come together to feed the growing world population.


Careers – Learn about the various career opportunities in the fertilizer industry. The day will begin with a career panel and end with exploration of the Root Your Future career resource.

Registration Ends June 30th. Spots are limited and filling fast.


There is a $15 registration fee to help cover the cost of shipping workshop materials and resources to participants. Boxes will only be shipped within the United States. You will receive more information about how to earn credit through Lindenwood after you register.

Registration is now closed!

For more information or questions please email Haley at or Melissa at

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