Dog Days of Summer

It is sizzling HOT. I find myself watering for an hour a day while dreaming of underground irrigation systems, drip lines and soaker hoses! It’s a matter of time and money before everything is watered by a push of a button.  That’s for another day!

Right now it’s just me and the garden hose. As I water, I take inventory of what the grasshoppers have devoured and what needs weeding and harvesting. I feel guilty when I don’t get out to water first thing in the morning…those veggies and annuals need their water! Oh and they look so pitiful when they are water deprived, all wilted and pathetic. I whisper my apologies and pray they recover after a drink.

My oldest also helps me with the watering. Recently I bored her with an explanation of why she had to water EVERYDAY!!  I explained that water is pulled up through the roots and distributes nutrients throughout the plant. Our vegetable and annual roots do not go very deep into the soil. It doesn’t take long for our little plants to get thirsty and start to wilt, especially during the dog days of summer! Without water, plant growth is slowed and fruit and flower production is minimized.

I know beautiful gardens and landscapes have owners who have carefully thought about water! As you plan your landscape, consider how to provide adequate water to your plants; try to make it easy to water your plants.  Too many gardens and landscapes fail because of poor water management (too busy to go out and water). It’s sad to think about how much money I have thrown out the window simply because I forgot to water a new plant!

Happy Watering!

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So now I am feeling guilty I am getting dressed to go water my flowers. I was doing it every few days but I am sure since it’s so hot now I need to do it daily! Going, thank you for the reminder!

Good plan, Kim. When it’s this HOT and DRY it’s just survival for these poor plants.

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