A Gardener’s Christmas Wish List

Mrs. Claus is on the ball this year. Gifts for our three blue-eyed elves are wrapped and ready to go under the tree. I don’t know who is more excited for Christmas, me or the girls. I have never been this prepared, and it’s difficult to manage the anticipation for Santa’s big day. Santa on the other hand, is still shopping for Mrs. Claus. I am supposed to be writing my Christmas wish list, so being the multi-tasker that all moms are, I am combining a blog entry while at the same time, creating my Christmas wish list (a list for all gardeners).


  1. Compost bin tumbler. It would fit nicely in our small backyard and it appears that it  would be easy for my little gardeners to turn.
  2. The Founding Gardeners by Andrea Wulf.
  3.  A good pair of garden gloves. I like the gloves with rubber palms, they have great grip and can be easily washed.
  4. Pruning shears. I have two pair, and I think I need another one because I can never find them when I need one.
  5. Garden magazines. They are all great. Each filled with pictures and garden advice.
  6. A Garden Gnome. Ever since I sat in the theater watching Gnomeo and Juliet with our three girls, I have thought I need to add them to our landscape.
  7. Rain barrels. We used to have rain barrels on the southeast corner of the house, for some reason or another, Mr. Claus thought they needed to be moved to the front corner of the house…so maybe this one should be on the honey-do-list instead of my Christmas wish list.
  8. Gift certificate to my favorite garden center. When spring rolls around I will need to purchase seeds, transplants, mulch, fertilizer, and whatever else catches my eye.
  9. Red wiggler worms. Two summers ago, we had a worm bin that provided fabulous castings (poop) for our garden. Except, I left them in the garage too long and they froze. I’m ready to try again.
  10.  Cash donation to our school garden. I believe in the educational value of school gardens and would be honored to have a donation in my name.  The long-term value will benefit my children and future generations.


As he reads this blog, hopefully Mr. Claus and his three blue-eyes elves will see how easy it is to shop for a gardener… and maybe even share the list with other nature enthusiasts south of the North Pole!


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