5 Fun Activities to Celebrate Earth Day!

Dig into the Earth on Earth day. Less than 3% of the entire Earth’s surface is ideal for growing our food. So why not, dig in and experience it. Here are some fun ideas:

  • Plant a garden – I can’t imagine anything more “earthy” than planting in the soil.

  • Start a compost pile – So, what are you doing with your kitchen scraps? Reconsider your kitchen habits; there are nutrients in that garbage that have garden value. When the compost is completely decomposed it has the most “earthy” smell. Have you ever smelled soil? Maybe you should this Earth day.

  • Take a soil sample – With nutrient deprived soil, your garden and lawn will struggle and you might consider throwing in the trowel and giving up. Simply put, poor soil = poor garden/lawn.We can prevent this by doing our homework now on Earth Day and taking a soil sample and sending it in for soil analysis.
  • Ask a farmer or gardener what soil means to them. I asked my dad, who is a farmer and this was his response, “Soil to me is a God given resource to grow food. Soil is my livelihood. We have no ability to farm without soil. It’s everything.” Earth day is every day to a farmer. Check out this interview I did with my dad a few years back.

  • Go for a hike – Look around, everything you see, feel and walk on is Earth. Breathe in the fresh air and celebrate what that means to you.

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