2012 May

Cultivating More Than Soil
As a mom, my happiest moments are when we are working together as a family. That often happens in our little backyard garden. My husband and I work side-by-side showing our three daughters how to nurture the earth for a bountiful harvest. Through this experience, we cultivate much more than soil. Life lessons such as delayed gratification, problem solving, collaboration, hard work, and more.
Learning Garden 7: Raised Beds
If you are building a learning garden, the raised garden beds may be the central focus of all your teaching. It is important that you have the right material for your school gardening efforts. Fortunately, our county extension office just renovated their demonstration garden, and I can show you some examples that can be used at school or at home.
Learning Garden 6: Building
The educational and environmental impact of an outdoor classroom and learning garden is not easily measured, but it certainly can be measured by a smile when they bite into a freshly picked apple.