Learning Garden 13: First Harvest

Twenty days after planting tiny radish seeds, the second graders harvested bright red radishes. Radishes are a great first crop; they sprout and grow quickly. Not much for delayed gratification but instant success! The students stood at the edge of the raised bed and pulled their very own radish. They were curious, intrigued, and fascinated with how a tiny seeds grew into a red round vegetable. An excellent example of the natural process of plant growth and development, where the combination of sun, soil, nutrients, water, and air can produce a consumable substance.

Picking a radish is a fun and gratifying experience. After a quick showing of hands, it was known that this was the first time most of the students had ever harvested from a garden. An instant connection to the soil and where their food comes from.

The students washed the radishes and cut the green leafy top from the radish. They were given salt and/or ranch dressing to put on their radish. Every student tasted a radish. Some only took a bite and others were asking for seconds. Proving that if they grow it, they are likely to eat it. This learning garden experience can change their attitudes about eating vegetables and improve their dietary habits. With healthy fertile soil, we will continue to harvest and eat!

Next harvest: lettuce.

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