Creating a Legacy in the Garden

When I was training teachers and master gardeners about youth gardening, I often asked who taught them to garden. Most responded they had learned from their grandparents, parent, or neighbors. Gardening is certainly a skill and can be taught and learned at any age.

Devoting time in the garden with your kids will have a positive impact on them. I know this because my mom taught me how to garden.  As she nurtured her garden she was also nurturing her children and cultivating a working relationship with us.  In many ways she was providing the nutrients for my life. The list of lifelong skills learned and taught in the garden are endless. Most importantly my mom was spending time with us as she provided nutritious food for the dinner table.  She showed me how to work hard, to nurture a tiny seed, to use my hands, critical thinking and problem solving. I have so many memories standing in the garden working beside my mom. All of this led to my career and desire to teach and inspire others to garden.

I am reflecting on the legacy my mom left with me as I share that she passed away from cancer just a couple of weeks ago. During her lifetime, she ran her own greenhouse, truck garden, nursery and corn maze. My mom inspired others to plant and grow. She fed the community sweet corn summer after summer, led beautification projects and the list goes on. She created a legacy. I am so proud that she gave me skills that I can pass onto my daughters and onto you through this blog.

You can create a legacy with your children. Grab your shovel and start today.

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Your mom was an inspiration to everyone she came in contact with, just as you are, and just as your girls will be. What an amazing legacy!

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