Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that gardeners experience some of the same frustrations in their home gardens that farmers see in their fields. Even the best of farmers and gardeners have experienced disease among crops and an unwelcome infestation of pests. Often times, these issues relating to your garden are solved by a local agronomist (agron∙o∙mist), a person who specializes in the science of soil management and the production of crops.

Whether you grew up on a farm or you’re just about to harvest your first crops from your backyard garden, agronomists play a part in both farmer’s and gardener’s lives. Here are a few things agronomists can help you with in your home garden:

  1. Take a soil sample to identify your garden’s fertilizer application needs so you can apply fertilizer at the right rate, right time and in the right place;
  2. Troubleshoot nutrient problems;   
  3. Identify pests; and
  4. Help you identify the best variety of crops to grow in your soil type.

Watch the video below to hear what a real-life agronomist does!

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