Downloads, links, and PDFs 2020

Ideas Binder (1) Ambassador version March 2020

CongratulationCFWWinners (002)

Soils Continuous Learning Documents 4/2/2020

eLearning Soil Science 3rd-5th

eLearning Soil Science High School

eLearning Soil Science K-2nd

eLearning Soil Science Middle School

Ideas binder 4/3/2020

The Nitrogen Cycle Game

Venn diagram game Periodic table cards

Venn Diagram Game

Word Magnet Scramble

Worms in Soil Activity

4R-activity- Bringing 4Rs to life in the classroom

Beach Ball Quiz


fertilizer pong

fertilizer pong

NPK Foldable elem

NPK Foldable High school

NPK pocket germination

Nutrient Jepordy

Paper Chain Activity

Pocket Germination

Soil Horizons

Soil Separation Experiment



State soil activity – SOIL CARDS

sustainability barrel  

Sustainable ecosystem

Apple Activity – from curriculum

Apple as an earth game

Paper apple activity

Phosphate Mining in the Southeastern U.S. Activity

Edible Soil Activity 

 Garden Monster Activity 

Learning from Soil 

Norman Bourlaug

NPK bracelet What Plants Need Bracelet 

Nutrition label activity all

Properties of Soil Particles Visual Activity

Seed Logic Puzzle

Soil Contains Water

Soil Separation Experiment

Worms in Soil Activity



E-lesson links

MS apple lesson

Coloring contest

Coloring Sheet week 2 

Coloring Sheet week 3


Nutrients for Life Flashcards

Recipe cards recipe cards all


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