Caring for our watershed winners 2020

Congratulations to our “Caring for Our Watershed” Contest Winners

Caring for Our Watersheds is a program that empowers students to imagine, develop and create solutions in their local watersheds. The program promotes watershed awareness and stewardship, values student ideas and offers support when turning theoretical ideas into action.

Out of over 130 entries submitted this year, these ten teams placed in the top 10 and will equally share the $12,000 in awards for themselves and their schools. Learn more about our top 10 entries below, listed in no particular order:

Project: Keeping Our Community Safe from Lead Contamination

Students: Jadiel Perez, Emeraude Katusevanako, Eh Thyu Say, Jasmin Garcia

School: John Marshall School of Engineering (Cleveland)


Project: Building a School Rain Garden to Manage Runoff

Student: Haomi Lee

School: John Marshall School of Engineering (Cleveland)


Project: We Need a Solution to Waste: Period

Student: Marianna Dionysiou

School: Wyoming High School


Project: Electronics Drive to a Healthier Little Miami Watershed

Students: Mia Prasinos, Rebecca Specht

School: Ursuline Academy


Project: Pee is Now Free

Students: Riley Lingen, Eli Meyung, Mason Allen

School: Wyoming High School


Project: Habitats for Bats

Student: Clara Conover

School: Mount Notre Dame High School


Project: Buckets of Bliss

Students: Sydney North, Shelby Kuhn

School: Wyoming High School


Project: Caring for our Cosmetics

Students: Lexi Beke, Angelina Tran  

School: Ursuline Academy


Project: Going Green with Greener Lawns

Student: Joshua Parker, Elliot Wilson-Woodrow, Alex Rhodes

School: Wyoming High School


Project: The Fatberg Problem

Students: Mariah Jackson

School: Winton Woods High School

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