Planning for drought.
I’ve had enough sledding and hot cocoa! I am ready for spring! My friends in the southern states have already started gardening. I follow their Facebook posts with garden envy, while my garden is still under a blanket of snow (sigh)! In November, my family and I moved from Kansas to Iowa. This year will be a new adventure; I have new soil, a new climate, new zone and new challenges. I can’t wait!
Pineapple Nutrition
As the mom of three young boys, I travel more than any mom wants to you. My typical destination list goes something like this: Chicago, St. Louis, Indy, San Diego, Orlando – all wonderful cities, but nothing like my current trip. This week, I have found myself on the Island of Oahu in Hawaii…and yes, this was for work!
Nitrogen in the Soil
The weather has been erratic lately. One day the girls are running through the yard in their flip flops and the next day they are wearing snow boots building a snowman. This weather has even triggered the tulips. They are starting to pop up out of the soil.
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