Feeding the World
Between Thanksgiving and the New Year, we are in the spirit of giving. We reflect on our own abundance and consider those who are less fortunate.
Poinsettia Care
On black Friday I wake in the wee hours of the morning to begin Christmas shopping and also purchase my favorite and the world’s most popular house plant, the poinsettia. I just love them.
Winter Moisture
There is some kind of natural attraction between a toddler and a garden hose. Everyone is going to get wet, except for the plant I am trying to water. Watering is a yearlong chore at our house.
Lawn Envy
Fall is here and full of gorgeous days. I often catch myself saying, “What a beautiful day?” Fortunately there are many things a gardener can do to purposely be outside and take advantage of the cool weather.
Diggin Dirt at Durham
I love teachers. They are a group of men and women whose career choice is more like a calling to them than a job. From my large farm family in Southeastern Idaho, only one corporate guy, me, emerged.
Poison Ivy: An Itching Sensation
All I can think about is scratching my left arm. Unfortunately, I have poison ivy. If you have had it, you know exactly what I am talking about. If you have never had it, be grateful.
Extension Master Gardeners
When I am introduced as a Master Gardener, I am often asked an assortment of landscape or unique plant questions. I love being a Master Gardener for that very reason. It opens the door of education.
Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that gardeners experience some of the same frustrations in their home gardens that farmers see on their huge plots of land.
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